About Us

Born in the 2012, Anas Crecca Travel is a 'Class A' Travel Agency based in Istanbul, Turkey and licensed by the by TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).

The 'anas crecca' is a type of bird which can swim, fly and walk. We have chosen this name because, like Anas Crecca, our company is very versatile, thus able to provide to our customers a wide range of services.


Our mission is the production of solutions for people who travel around the world. Our agency follows the costumer from the A to the Z, always in a professional, timely and efficient way.

Whenever you need help during your trip, Anas Crecca Travel is near you and will be near you always. We believe that Tourism is a cultural interaction between folks and actually we enjoy a lot to meet new cultures and make them discover our.

With our 360 degrees-services we are able to cover every customer's needs, from the businessman to the 'cultural tourist', from the young couple looking for a romantic holiday to the people who expect always a top-class services.

With our tours, designed both for the city of Istanbul and for the whole Turkey, you will discover the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia, the history, its delicious dishes and the hospitality of its peoples.

Don't hesitate to contact us, whether via phone, social media or simply by visiting our office in the historical center of Istanbul.

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